A Functional Medicine &

Integrative Health Coach Approach to Holistic Care

Heal the Body….Heal the Mind


To request a FREE 30 minute consultation with me, please fill out the Patient Intake Form Below and once I receive, I will contact you to schedule a consult. Let’s find out how we can work to get your body back to Dynamic Equilibrium.

Working with clients to get to the Root Cause of what their health issues are. Instead of focusing on dis-ease of the body, I work with my clients to get find out what is causing the symptoms. Through extensive laboratory testing run through a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I am able to obtain lab results and reports to review with you. From there we design a customized collaborative Diet and Nutrition Plan along with the appropriate supplements and weekly coaching.

I work with you to Rebalance the underlying root causes leading to those diseases of the body. All about Dynamic Equilibrium - rebalance the body.

This is the process of using an Integrative Health Coaching Approach by using the DESTRESS Protocol (copyright by Stephen Cabral).

  • D = Diet

  • E = Exercise

  • S = Stress

  • T = Toxins

  • R = Rest

  • E = Emotional State of Balance

  • S = Supplements

  • S = Success Mindset

I work with Clients by using a variety of modalities and practices, including:

  • Orthomolecular Medicine

  • Ayurvedic Medicine

  • Functional Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalism

  • Traditional Naturopathy

  • Bioregulatory Medicine

  • Eastern Philosophy

Please get in touch with me if you would like to schedule your complimentary consultation to see if you would be a good candidate for my program. I look forward to hearing from you!

Dawn Bergeron

(309) 846-0899

Acute diseases are being outnumbered by chronic diseases
According to the CDC, “As a nation, we spend 86% of our health care dollars on the treatment of chronic diseases. These persistent conditions—the nation’s leading causes of death and disability—leave in their wake deaths that could have been prevented, lifelong disability, compromised quality of life, and burgeoning health care costs.”

Many preventable, chronic diseases are lifestyle-derived and are not what our current medical landscape is well equipped to manage.

There is no magic pill for a lifestyle-related disease. ~ FMCA