Life and Health Coaching can benefit most anyone.  Think back to when you were a kid, or you watch your kids in sports and the impact a coach has on their lives.  It is much the same analogy for us as adults.  Life gets so busy and so overwhelming, it can get hard to remember to take care of ourselves, let alone stay motivated to do what we already know we should be doing.  Read on for some amazing comments and see if it intrigues you to give Life and Health Coaching a try.  I'd love to work with you....



"Finally got my detox kit.  It was on back order.  I plan to start Monday.  Been doing awesome with my 3 workouts and healthier meals and journaling!!!  So thankful for you!!  See you Wednesday......"



"I feel so good lately.  I have lost 4.5 pounds since I started working with you in 3 weeks!  My brother is so happy I am finally going to church again.  I love filling out the Food Journal and counting my colors at the end of the day.  And I'm making better choices in eating.  Oh - I also love the flavored water I am drinking now.  My sleep has improved already.  Thank you Dawn....."



"After having moved a couple years ago and uprooting my family, I really let my health go and forgot to take care of myself.  When I saw Dawn post she was offering Health Coaching now, I was nervous, yet so intrigued to take this next step in my life.  It's like I know the right thing to do, but I just don't do it.  I love the idea of working with a Health Coach to gently push me in the right direction and hold me accountable....."