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Find out who Dawn is - personality, likes, dislikes, values, story - everyone has a story.  A journey.  The journey is what defines and helps mold the person.  A journey is so important in the pathway of how that person will persevere and grow.  The best way to get to know me, is to simply call or schedule to meet me. So much can be learned from body language, body inflections, energy, personality - you simply can't get that from an online resume, so called certifications and degrees or even past job experience.  The BEST way one can get to know me, Dawn - is to meet me.  Zoom, Skype, Phone, In - person - I will travel!  These are all amazing ways to experience the unique individual I am.  I want to meet you too - and find out if we are in fact a good match - to work together, for one another, with one another.  Let's see if we are compatible!

Dawn Bergeron

Life & Health Coach, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Photographer, Lifestyle Brand Coach

(309) 846-0899