What are some of the reasons to work with a health coach?

  1. You'll discover natural remedies
  2. A coach listens
  3. Individualized attention and bio-dentical coaching programs
  4. Collaborate to set realistic goals
  5. Personal connection with a coach

What is the major inner obstacle you face in life right now?

The reality is that behavior change is hard, and most people don’t know how to do it successfully. Everyone wants to get the most out of life. Everyone knows that eating junk food, remaining sedentary, and staying up all night aren’t good for them. Yet most people continue these behaviors anyway. They might try a drastic diet or exercise regimen, but these often aren’t sustainable in the long term

People need help making lifestyle habits that stick

Allow for quiet time to ask yourself the following questions. After each one, journal about it freely, setting the intention to not allow your thinking mind interfere with the flow of your writing.

1.  What is the major inner obstacle I have to face right now?

2. What am I ready to let go of, forgive or make peace with?

3. What needs attention and nurturing?

4. If anything were possible, what would my life be like?

5. When I am feeling empowered and inspired, what do I want to share with the world?

Write down your action steps to begin to have what you want and need.