Bergeron Health Coaching Programs Offered

All Programs Incorporate the Following:

  1. Diet + Supplements

  2. Exercise + Movement

  3. Stress + Emotional Balance

  4. Toxin Removal

  5. Sleep + Rest + Relaxation

    Optional: Lab Testing but HIGHLY Recommended


30 Day Reset & Health

Detox Starter Program Includes a 7 Day Detox, along with a week transition back into healthy eating with flex meals. 2 Consultation calls to coach you through to success on Day 1 and Day 30.

Program includes a 7 day detox kit. Recommended Supplements in addition.

12 Week Program

12 Week/90 Day Program - More advanced with some lab testing if desired and supplement protocol. A 21 Day Detox program along with Integrative Health Coaching over 4 monthly sessions. Measurable tools to help you succeed. Simple and practical steps that ensure success.

Program includes a 21 Day Detox, Personalized Plan, + 4 consultations. Labs and supplements in addition.


Single Consultation

Follow Up Sessions (30 minute or 1 hour) or Initial Custom 1 Hour Consultation

Designed for the individual who is looking for advice and suggestions in a 1 hour slot or for previous clients looking to add on 30 minute or 1 hour maintenance slots. This is not something I usually recommend and really prefer either a 30 day or 12 week program as that is where true body transformation takes place. However, willing to work with those clients searching for some immediate answers or looking to go monthly for maintenance.

  • $250 (1 Hour New Patient)

  • $75 (30 Minute - Established Patient)

  • $150 (60 Minute - Established Patient)

High School | College | Teenagers


Teen and Young Adult Health Coaching

This program is aimed at the young adult in our lives. The teen in high school. The new college student. This program sets them up for success in life in all areas. With a HEALTHY Body, they will have a much better success rate in college. Sleep and diet are so crucial to their performance and stress.

Not only do we address their eating habits and nutrition, but we teach about lifestyle choices, habits, routines. Education revolves around food and toxins and how that affects the body, the brain, and health in general. We work to slowly integrate changes into their lives while educating and being aware of the social impact this has on their lives.

Some programs with Functional Medicine Practitioners simply do NOT work because they are too strict, too DRASTIC of a change. When this is the case, the compliance rate is not optimal since the young adult does not have the WHY and the understanding as to the impact this has on their health. In addition, we work to integrate simple meal ideas that are not complicated, not overrun by a large amount of supplements. The goal of this is SIMPLICITY - while educating and teaching.

I work to teach them the WHY and HOW to live this lifestyle. Through this comprehensive program, your aspiring adult will be setting the foundation and framework for an amazing life full of health, vitality, happiness, clear skin, free of digestion issues, and knowing how to balance health with the real world. Integrating the two so they can experience and live a life that is the modern century. How to deal with current stress, overwhelm, how to integrate small changes that are sustainable.

We start with a 30 days to Success Protocol - then see how they are doing and add on another 60 days if they want. We work with attainable results and rewards for their success.

If desired, there is a monthly maintenance option to keep them accountable and coach them to ongoing lifestyle success. I work with them to make it simple.

NOT overwhelming.

Easy to follow and succeed.

Easy to incorporate into their high school life and college life.

We tweak along the way to ensure success and compliance.

Alternatively, they can sign up for a

12 week program

which will give them the best results and accountability.