Dawn Bergeron Professional Experience


Cabral Wellness - Virtual Health Coach and Integrative Health Practitioner (December 2018 to Present)

Dawn Bergeron, Bloomington, IL  (June 2017 to present)

Integrative health practitioner & Functional Medicine Health CoacH - IHP, FMCHC, ACE CPT


  • Coaching:

  • Follow and support patients as they progress through their treatment.

  • Plan nutrition, and guide lifestyle changes

  • Review patient’s successes and struggles since their last visit

  • Provide patient with guidance and motivation to continue with treatment

  • Recommend and guide clients on appropriate supplements that will support the patient’s success

  • Meet with prospective patients:

  • Build rapport in a 1-hour, one-on-one, consultation.

  • Listen carefully to understand patient’s goals and health challenges.

  • Educate patient about possible root causes of their struggles.

  • Present treatment recommendations that will deliver the results that the patient is looking for.

  • Assist patient in making a decision between the options that they may be considering.

  • Review treatment documentation and consent forms with patient

  • Obtain payment and schedule treatments according to business scheduling process

  • Provide payment plan / financing options if necessary

  • Follow-up with patients that did not immediately commit to treatment

  • Accurately track key performance indicators and goals by working with client

  • Marketing:

  • Hosting and conduct marketing presentations

  • Actively use social media to promote health coaching business

www.drdrewduquette.com     (I designed his logo for him)


(I designed his logo for him)

Dr. Drew Duquette, Bloomington, IL  (September 2017 to November 2018)

Functional Medicine Health Coach, Patient Care Coordinator; Client Acquisition www.drdrewduquette.com

  • Manage daily operations of functional medicine business.  

  • Set up Google Drive consistent with HIPPA Compliancy Guidelines while organizing business in a cloud based platform as it relates to business forms and patient files

  • Schedule clients for appointments, collect payments

  • Patient Advocate and Client Coordinator - Responsible for the patient intake process from when the email comes in or the phone call to calling the patient.  Discuss Functional Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine. Explain the extensive laboratory process and report of findings.

  • New Client Acquisition - Work on pre-selling the client and educating the client on what Functional Medicine is and how it can help the patient.

  • Send out comprehensive health analysis to patients to determine patient eligibility and compliance.  I have used Living Matrix and well adept at that. Currently use Intakeq.com which works great too.

  • Involved in the pre-sales process and financing of the patient and the program they enter into to.  

  • Schedule patient for both in office and virtual calls

  • Perform weekly health coaching calls with patients as they progress through the Diet and Lifestyle modification process while in their program.

  • Support and assist clients in obtaining their goal in the following areas:

    • Nutrition and Hydration

    • Exercise and Movement

    • Stress Management

    • Sleep and Relaxation

    • Lifestyle Modification

    • Toxin Education: Teach client about being aware and how to avoid or reduce exposures to these pathogens such as EMF’s, chemicals in personal products and cleaning, air quality, water, etc.

Dawn Bergeron, Puyallup, WA, Ewa Beach, HI, Puyallup, WA, Bloomington, IL  (2001 to present)

Owner/Photographer/Consultant www.dawnbergeron.com

  • Manage daily operations of photography business.  

  • Monitor a portfolio of new and existing clients to photograph them, review products and close sales.  

  • Advertise and market business to solicit new business by cultivating a referral base of clients including high school seniors, families, friends, vendors, and affiliates.

  • Built long-term relationships to foster future sales.

  • Developed and executed marketing pieces and social media programs to attract potential customers.  Heavily involved in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) inclusive of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr and Google Plus.

  • Design and create a variety of marketing pieces to promote and advertise business using all aspects of SEM and SEO

  • Utilize graphic design software and apps such as Photoshop, Online Apps and phone apps to generate traffic and awareness for website and social pages.  Perform postings on social platforms on a daily basis.

  • Attend industry specific conventions such as WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference) and PPA (Professional Photographers Association).  Participate in local photographer groups to collaborate and self develop on industry practices, current trends and various lighting and posing techniques.  Discuss current digital trends as well as social media outlets.


McLean County Unit 5, Bloomington, IL  (2014 to 2015)

  • Substitute Teacher for High School, Junior High and Elementary Education

  • Oversee and manage groups of 20 to 30 kids in a classroom while their original teacher is gone.

  • Manage and facilitate classroom activities and initiatives.

  • Develop relationships with students and implement mentoring as needed.


Harborstone Credit Union, Lakewood, WA (2000 to 2001)

Marketing Project Administrator for Harborstone Investment Services       

  • Maintain full responsibility for all aspects of marketing and communications efforts.

  • Worked with senior management for Investment Services to create marketing pieces, collaborate on selling efforts, and delivering data and analytical reports.

  • Attend industry specific conferences and seminars for self development and ongoing company education.

  • Played a key role in formulating, writing, editing, and distributing publications that covered diverse financial topics.

  • Championed process and publicity and press release pieces through a multitude of mediums – i.e. newspaper and magazine.

  • Collaborated with senior management in performing competitive analysis of marketing programs and business practices while providing statistical, analytical, and rating reports to staff and peers.  Work closely with cross functional teams and various work groups regarding the results of the reports and recommendations.

Credit Union No Longer in Business

Credit Union No Longer in Business

Rainier Pacific, Fife, WA (1998 to 2000)

Marketing Coordinator

  • Manage all aspects of marketing and communications efforts to senior management.

  • Delegated marketing efforts to deliver results from database for marketing analysis and corporate reporting.

  • Restructured design and delivery of bank materials to staff, thus saving the organization over $20,000 per year in printing costs.

  • Developed and implemented direct mail campaigns utilizing SEM and SEO.

  • Evaluate and validate effectiveness of campaigns by tracking profitability.  Make recommendations.

USAA Insurance Company, Colorado Springs, CO + Federal Way, WA (1992 to 1998)


  • Source, negotiate, sell and service customers aligning each client with the appropriate insurance program by assessing their needs and minimizing risk.  Assist clients in insurance lifecycle, from pre-approval to product closure. Manage a portfolio of new and existing clients through corporate promotion, marketing and follow-up.

  • Analyzed usage patterns to understand ways in which customers used company products and services.

  • Directed the hiring, training and performance evaluations for marketing and sales staff and supervised their daily activities.

  • Cultivated effective partnerships with marketing, sales and customer support staff.

IBM Corporation, Denver, CO (04/90 to 06/92)

Marketing and Sales Assistant

(Internship while completing undergraduate degree)

  • Managed telephone and direct mail marketing campaigns.

  • Pioneered the launch of new publications to the field based on customer need.

  • Collaborated marketing efforts in association with marketing representatives to deliver quality and needs based services to their clients.