June 30, 2019 - Baptism for Carter and I at Vale Church

My Story

Realizing you need to make a change in your life bigger than yourself.

That was 4 years ago - July 12, 2015. Today I am at a new place - June 30, 2019 - having gone through and been baptized today.

One of my favorite songs and videos ever because it tells the sad story of how Big Pharma and Doctors contribute to so many drug issues and addictions….much of what I grew up with in my family and around.

My story…….

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I am a 49 year old mother of 3 teenagers

I am a 49 year old mother of 3 teens myself. My life was not easy like so many of the teens these days. I struggled for years with eating disorders, overuse of alcohol, anxiety, depression, lack of self confidence.

My Father Died When I was 5

I lost my father to an overdose and heart attack when I was 5 years old. My sister and I were then placed in Foster Care for the next 6 years of our life visiting our mother on and off via supervised visits. My mother suffered from alcohol overuse along with the "brand names of” crazy, psychotic, anxiety, paranoid schizophrenia, etc. She never was “well enough” for my sister and I to live with her again.

Placed into Foster Care age 5, then adopted to 3rd Family at Age 11

At the age of 11 years old, my sister and I were adopted into our 3rd family. Hard age to transition to a new family and mom and dad. My sister didn’t settle well. In fact, she struggled ongoing with drugs, sex addiction and alcohol until her death in 2008. I struggled with self love, a good relationship with food, fitting in, anxiety, etc.

Alcohol Overuse + Big-Pharma Medicine Poison + horrible relationship with food and my body aka eating disorders

After the death of my sister, I spiraled and turned to alcohol and numbing for a few years making a load of mistakes in life along the way. I was also on a cocktail of anti-depressants and anxiety meds. In December of 2014 while in Colorado, I overdosed on Wellbutrin, a pharmaceutical drug prescribed by my conventional doctor. I spent about 2 days in the hospital in Colorado going through seizures, psychotic episodes and withdrawal symptoms. I returned to Illinois, and gave up all medicines and alcohol for a good 3 months. I relapsed with overuse of alcohol again in April of 2015. July 15 2015, I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I went to my first AA meeting that following Monday and dabbled with the 12 step program for about a month and then popping into meetings here and there ongoing. AA was not something I liked or really felt was serving me, so I decided to search online forums instead. I found Recovery Elevator in July of 2015 and stuck with that group for a good year. It was truly amazing and an instrumental point in my growth in life. After a year, I didn’t feel the need for it anymore as I was deeply involved in my growth and learning all I could about health and life coaching. In addition, I was tired of the “names and labels” that were applied to these “dis-eases” of the body and mind. As I began to study and learn about Functional Medicine and getting to the root cause, it became so clear to me that all these “names” of “dis-eases” were basically semantics - titles given to symptoms that many people experience - and nothing was being addressed as to the root cause of all this.

December 12, 2018 - My Birth Mother Passes Away

Marks the end of my birth family as I know it. My birth mom passed away and went onto join my sister and dad in peace and love and harmony. A little tribute I wrote to her on my Facebook page.

A little tribute to my birth mother who passed away this morning about 6:15 am (December 12, 2018 am) in Colorado in a nursing home. Remembering her and all my birth family today as I realize they are all completely gone now. I am grateful for the journey and all that it has taught me in life and where I am now. Pain is part of the lessons in life. Challenges meant to teach us always. Rest in peace mom and now she can join my dad and my sister in peace and harmony. I love you mom. Even though I did not have a close and involved relationship all these years, I will never forget the family that gave me the breath of life and the chance to exist right now. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌙🌟🌻

Beyond Recovery and Growing

I began my journey into Health Coaching and Personal Training in the fall of 2016. In 2017 I pursued Health Coaching and Functional Medicine certifications. March of 2017 I received my certification as a Personal Trainer with ACE. July of 2017 I received my HCI, Health Coach Institute Health Coach certification. January of 2018 I received my FMCA - Functional Medicine Health Coach Certificate. Currently I am enrolled in the Integrative Health Practitioner Program and hope to complete that by July 2019. I am so passionate about health, getting to the root cause and teaching young and old alike the optimal way to eat, how to remove toxins and chemicals in the food and lifestyle and understand why it is important for ongoing health.

Detoxification Steps I have taken and how I am dealing with my own journey…..My Timeline….

  1. July 2015 - Quit drinking, quit all medications including OTC Drugs

  2. January 2018 - ACE, HCI and FMCA Certifications

  3. August 2017 - Remove IUD = hormone changes

  4. April 2018 - Explant - remove breast implants = hormone changes & silicone detox

  5. September 2018 - Remove Dental Amalgams = mercury detox

  6. October 2018 - Enrolled in Integrative Health Practitioner Certification program - Expected date to complete is July 2019

What I hope to do by sharing my story and working with my clients, is teach them what I have learned, educate them on the food system and how to clean out the gut, rebalance the system and how to live ongoing with optimal health food choices balanced with the Real World and socialization. I GET all this. We do not live in a perfect world. However, we have knowledge and power to make the right choices to live optimally ongoing. YOU CHOOSE…..

Choose living

Choose health

Choose longevity

Choose Balance

Choose The Right Fuel for your Body