Intestinal Cleanse


Intestinal Cleanse Protocol Instructions:

Enclosed you will find your Intestinal Cleanse nutritional supplements and instructions below on how to complete the cleanse. This is the same protocol I use in my Boston wellness practice and I know you’ll enjoy the same benefits.

Here is the simplified version of how to complete it:

Days 1-5

1. Take 2 tsp of Ultra Binder three times per day, with 12-16 oz of water• Upon waking
• 30-60 minutes before lunch
• Before Bed (2-3 hours after eating)

2. Take 3-5 Intestinal Cleanse capsule with each dose of the Ultra Binder, three times per day

You may need to modify the amount of capsules based on the following:

• If you do not have 3 bowel movements the next day, increase to 4-5 capsules
• If you have more than 3 bowel movements the next day decrease to 1-2 capsules

It is also suggested that you drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. If you’re using my Daily Nutritional Support powder smoothies that also counts as water intake.