The “How To” Coffee Guide
(...including how to quit if you wanna)

Facts About Caffeine In Coffee

  • One cup of coffee has somewhere between 75-150 mg of caffeine.  
  • Caffeine occurs naturally in coffee and is enhanced during the roasting process.

Health Benefits Of Coffee

  • Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and the brain and can fight fatigue and increase athletic performance.

  • Caffeine may also help with headache and migraine pain.

  • Coffee is loaded with antioxidants made of quinines, which become more potent after roasting.

  • Magnesium is found naturally in coffee; when magnesium is combined with quinines we see a lowering effect on blood sugar that may be responsible for a lower risk of type II diabetes development.

  • Coffee contains the antibacterial compound trigonelline, which may help in the prevention of dental caries (cavities). This compound becomes more pronounced during roasting and is also responsible for giving coffee its unforgettable aroma.  

  • Researchers are drawing a strong connection (correlation) between coffee and its potential preventative measures of Parkinson’s disease.

  • Coffee may also lower the incidence of liver cancer and liver disease.

    • Researchers noted a reduction of liver cancer risk by about 50% in those who drank 3 cups of coffee per day.

    • Coffee showed an ability to reduce alcoholic cirrhosis by about 22%

    • Coffee consumption reduced mortality from cirrhosis due to alcohol by 66%