Money and Finances

This is so important because we need to be able to manage the money we make, track the expenses, try to get out of debt and learn to save more.


I use this for tracking all my bank accounts, transactions, running custom reports, etc. It is cheap and AWESOME. I am still learning the ins and outs of it - but I love that it ties to my Google Drive, can sync almost all my bank and credit cards, see ALL my transactions, and then run endless reports. I am learning how to create reports still. But love the flexibility of this!


This I am using in place of Freshbooks now. The Smart option is $15 per month and that is what I was paying with Freshbooks. I might pay for upgrades because I am intrigued by how it ties into Google and reviews and syncs with Square. So, I get my payments from clients by invoicing here, they pay through Square.

download (1).png

I also still use PayPal for some miscellaneous things. They do have a credit option which is kinda neat - I think 6 months no interest. And I have liked it for receiving Affiliate income and sometimes invoice.