Consulting - health coaching & business

Collaborating with Functional medicine health practitioners as well as conventional medicine practitioners

Having received my Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach Certification through FMCA as well as work for a local Functional Medicine Doctor for over a year, I have had the benefit of the education along with real world experience.


Consulting for small business practitioners - business & Marketing

With over 18 years entrepreneur experience as well as over a year dedicated experience working in a small business Functional Medicine Practice, I have gained considerable knowledge in running and setting up a small business along with implementing many efficiencies while working with HIPPA compliancy.

Consulting Services include:

  • Patient Charting and Management in a cloud environment to include patient intake forms, patient charting and set up, lab ordering and lab results set up, supplement ordering and tracking,

  • Patient Intake Form Set up online

  • Functional Medicine Health and Toxicity Templates set up for use in and branded for you

  • Option to work with you to install Living Matrix and use that software. Extensive knowledge with that software.

  • Option to also Use HealthSnap and incorporate that into your practice.

  • Accounting Software recommendation, set up and tracking

  • Google Suite account set up and management

  • New Patient Acquisition Procedures and processes - From the first call to the pre-sell to the scheduling and then follow up.

  • Lab Ordering, Results analysis forms

  • Health Coaching template for weekly virtual sessions and topics

  • Templates for a variety of topics covered

  • Collaboration and support for a Functional Medicine or Integrative Health practice