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Personal Fitness Training

Creating a Zen Life


The most important thing for you as my client and me as your coach, is to establish an environment of authentic being, empowering trust,  and absolute integrity.  

We work together to help you establish a life of self confidence, positive body image and inner soul love.  Let's meet to see how we can work together.  

Peace, love and understanding.

1 Hour FREE Total Body Breakthrough Consultation



Curious as to what Health and Life Coaching can do for you?  Feeling overwhelmed with life, lack of focus, wanting to lose weight, stick with an exercise regimen, feel less stressed - simply learn how to take care of yourself all over again?  Schedule a FREE 1 Hour consultation to learn HOW Life and Health Coaching can work for you.

1 Day Shopping Trip/Kitchen Review - 4 Hours



Have you always wished that you could hire someone to go through your kitchen, show you how to read your labels on your food, teach you what is ok to eat, what is processed, what is healthy?  How about go on a shopping trip to learn some of the better choices of foods to buy, how to read the labels when shopping, learn how to make better shopping decisions.  If so, you will LOVE taking a 1/2 day to go through this session.  And in depth one-on-one day with me to talk and walk through all the language of diet and learn what are ok ingredients, and what might be hurting your health. Complete with one on one shopping trip, going through cupboards, checklists and handouts to help you learn and understand ingredients and learn how to make healthier purchasing decisions! $250.00

Hourly Health Coaching Consultation


Want to pay for sessions a la carte?  That option is available too.  Pay as you go and buy session by session.  However, you do get better results buying a package, investing in long term coaching.  Making lasting changes.  But sometimes you just want a session to get you buy.  Register here for that. 45 min to 1 hour $125.00

90 Day Total Body Transformation Package

$1197 (PIF)


Ready to invest in your life and make a TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION?  We work together for 12 consecutive weeks to uncover what's stopping you, discover your character strengths, talk about dietary theories, develop an eating plan that works for you and your life while implementing lifestyle changes that will stay with you ongoing . They key to this is ongoing changes that become part of your everyday life. Total Investment for 90 day package is $1197 if paid up front, $1497 if paid monthly.  Savings of $300 if paid in full.  If want to pay monthly, then the fee is $499.  

Personal Fitness Training Session

$30 for 30 minutes,

$50 for 1 Hour



Ready to get your body in top shape and work on making you a priority in life?  As a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, I can work with you to come up with a fitness plan that will work for your lifestyle.  We will devise a schedule that is compatible with your lifestyle while creating a workout curriculum that will help you get results!

Group Fitness Training

$25 per person with group of 2 to 3

(Save 1/2 when 2 or more sign up with you!)


Group fitness training is so much fun when you get some friends together!  Sign up 2 or more and your rates go down to $25 per hour.  Perfect when you have 2 to 3 training together! Please contact me to schedule this on the phone.  Really a FUN way to train and have fun!