Coaching Package

 Coaching Lifestyle and Habit Change




  • 90 Days Accountability Period
  • Bi-Weekly Check-Ins for accountability - 1 in person meeting and then texts as needed.  
  • Text and phone support
  • 2 Tests ordered - GIFX test and Organic Acids Test
  • Monthly Review to discuss steps accomplished, wins, lessons learned
  • Living Matrix in Depth Lifestyle and Medical Symptom Questionnaire Review and Report
  • Resources for cooking, nutrition, motivation - Introduction to - a meal planning system
  • Analysis of VIA Character Strengths Character Strength Test
  • Discussion of a variety of modalities to take care of yourself
  • All initial laboratory tests which may include one or more of the following:

    1. Organic Acids Profile, CMP, ONE, TRIAD

    ❏ Detox and liver function ❏ Dysbiosis
    ❏ IgG food allergies
    ❏ Oxidative stress

    ❏ Neurotransmitter levels
    ❏ Fatty acids levels and ratios ❏ B vitamin status
    ❏ Cellular energy
    ❏ Amino Acids

    2. GI FX Comprehensive 3 Day Stool Test

  • ❏  Advanced three day comprehensive stool assessment

  • ❏  Inflammation

  • ❏ Relative Abundance
    ❏ Digestion and Absorption

    3. Comprehensive Urine Elements Profile: ❏ Mineral nutrient and toxic element; i.e.

  • heavy metal, analysis.

  • 4. Amino Acid-Blood Spot:

    ❏ Amino acid reserves/deficiencies 5. DNA Testing and interpreting:

    ❏ 23and me RAW data analysis

    After your initial labs have been analyzed, Kendra and Dr. Duquette will design a comprehensive treatment plan which may include a lab specific diet, lifestyle modification, supplement regimen and treatment course that will continue for approximately four months. At this time, the entire battery of initial tests will be re-run to determine treatment effectiveness and to make any mid-course corrections in care if needed. At the end of the 12 month program the patient will have the option to run the test again. This will not be covered by the case fee.  levels
    ❏ Relative Abundance
    ❏ Digestion and Absorption

    All prescribed in office/phone consultations, examinations and treatments during active care .

    Oxygen concentrator for home use while under active care

    All supplements prescribed during active care

    Assigned nutrition/lifestyle coach Kendra Duquette

  • ❏  Immune Function

  • ❏  Infections and Commensal

    Bacterial levels

  • ❏  Relative Abundance

  • ❏  Digestion and Absorption

    All prescribed PHONE/Zoom or Skype consultations, and treatments during active care .