Coaching Testimonials


Dawn is very practical and down to earth, which made her easy to work with. I came in thinking I was going to try to figure out why I couldn’t lose weight, but actually left with a deeper understanding of me and issues that are so much deeper and more important than losing weight. It’s about health...all over health. I am grateful for the time we spent together and for all that I learned." ~ Val


Dawn held me accountable and kept me motivated when she was my life coach. She always offered helpful suggestions like what the best food were to eat while trying to lose weight and ways to stay on track with exercise. We'd even walk together during sessions and we always laugh and there was always a take away I could apply immediately to help me be as healthy as I could be.


I started her program about 8 weeks ago.  It is amazing to see the changes I have personally gone through and the confidence I have gained in my own life.  Dawn has been teaching me how to naturally deal with emotions and the ups and downs in life.  She also has been coaching me on removing toxins and incorporating new recipes with more vegetables in my life.  Really appreciate this program.


Dawn was extremely patient and very thorough in our weekly calls. It was so nice to have a coach to listen to what I had to say about different food reintroductions, symptoms I was having, and mostly keep my mindset in the right place. So many times in the past, I would try to do a diet or protocol of my own and then detour after 4 weeks. Engaging in a 6 month program with Dawn was life changing!