Clothing Guidelines


  • Keep Clothing Simple
    Plain and simple is the best guideline when dressing for a portrait. Busy prints and patterns detract from pretty faces.  Prepare head to toe! (i.e. sandals, barefoot beach, etc.) The clothing you choose can make the difference from an average portrait to an exceptional portrait.  A clothing consultation is highly recommended.
  • Coordinate Clothing
    For couples or families, it’s best to coordinate colors and clothing styles.  
    Solid-colored clothes photograph well.  I have a board on Pinterest with clothing suggestions and combinations.  
  • Corporate Photos- Some great ideas on this link on Pinterest
  • Babies look great in anything or go with the “natural” look.  Darker clothing tends to minimize body size; light tones tend to emphasize body size.  
  • Neckline
    If your neck is short and your face is full, try a scoop or V-neck top. If you choose a V-neck shirt, be sure that it is not overly deep or overly wide as that will draw attention away from your face. 
  • Hairstyles
    Keep your usual hairstyle when having your portrait taken. Plan haircuts a week
    in advance so it will look natural in your portraits.
  • Makeup
    Apply makeup as you normally would if going out for the evening.  Extra makeup
    is not required. Ladies, bring your make-up with a neutral powder to tone down facial shine should it occur. Do not neglect your nails.
  • Glasses
    Glasses tend to date and detract from portraits. Removing your glasses or
    wearing contacts is best.  Or ask your optician to lend you a pair of frames with no glass, or to remove the glass from your frames for the session. Wearing glasses can really date a photo because the style does change significantly year to year
  • Jewelry
    Your face should be the focal point of your portraits. Avoid distracting and heavy jewelry such as blocky necklaces, etc. Tend to be ok for everyday wear, but not good for photos.  We want these photos timeless.  Less is best.
  • For Men Only
    It’s important to shave very carefully just prior to your portrait sitting.  It is
    hard to hide a “five o’clock shadow” or shaving mishaps.
  • Plan photos around child’s nap if possible  A well-rested family will make for a happier photo shoot.  After naps and feedings is a good/preferable time.
  • Comfort Items Bring along whatever is necessary to keep your child clean/happy: diapers, wipes,  snacks, favorite toys and blankets.
  • Feet & Shoes and Socks - Since some images show them from head to toe, make sure your child wears matching shoes and socks. I like to use bare feet at times too, so good to make sure feet are manicured or well groomed.