self development

30 Day Self Development Video Challenge

Hi. My name is Dawn Bergeron and I am feeling very insecure today and anxious about my presence on some Certification Courses I was video taped in and part of for my job. This has to do with my insecurities but also, I realize how I was not very good on video at all. So, here is how I felt for most of today.

  • Insecure

  • Anxious

  • Putting myself down

  • Wishing I could go back and redo the videos

  • Realizing these videos are seen by thousands of students around the world

  • Feeling ridiculous that I feel this way because it’s not a big deal in the whole universal scheme of life

  • But I cannot shake these insecurity feelings

I have gone up and down about this. Finally on my walk tonight, I decided that to overcome these feelings, I would encourage myself to do a 30 day Self Development Video challenge to push myself and learn what I can about doing video in all mediums. Tonight is my intro video to put myself out there and see how I can get creative with video and grow and learn. Side note. Including a video I did like 3 years ago where I talk about insecurity there too. Sigh. Still dealing with it today….