National Watermelon Day

Well there is always a day to celebrate and all these days anymore are marketing ploys to get us to buy more of that product that day. So, might as well participate in the fun and celebrate the health of it. I actually took watermelon pixs the other day not realizing there was such a thing as National Watermelon day. So, had to find something to do with it today. Decided to try out a healthy watermelon drink and see if the kiddos liked it too. Plus, I was feeling like I needed some photography inspiration again too - so then I thought, well maybe I oughta do an August challenge. And it's already August 3rd - so day 3. But I'll just have to make up the other days. So, there you go. I am going to TRY and do a Dog Days of Summer August photo a day challenge. These always made me feel creative and happy and more complete in the past, so why not implement to draw out the creative side a little? Anyone care to join me? I will post the challenge separate post - but day 3 is Watermelon - and it is National Watermelon day! So, drink is watermelon, cucumber, mint, lime and I added honey for little sweetness. And the boys loved it! But watermelons are very much genetically modified. I'm giving up on trying to be all perfect in all this cuz it's ridiculously hard to do. I will try when I can, realize many times I cannot do it, and continue to detox and learn about toxin removals where I can control. Enjoy your watermelons today! They are like $2.48 at Fresh Thyme Market today and they limit that to 4.

Dawn Bergeron