Meet Jim Harmony - Amazing Body Transformation = Discipline & Hard Work

I recently had the pleasure of taking some fitness photos of Jim Harmony.  His transformation since he started his journey about 4 years ago, is really incredible.  Talking with Jim, we chatted about changes in life and how certain events can fuel a want and desire for change.  4 Years ago Jim made the decision to change some of his bad habits which involved unhealthy food choices and heavier drinking.  So, when Jim decided he was tired of waking up feeling exhausted and a lack of energy, he knew it was time to make some dietary and lifestyle changes.  Slowly he made nutritional shifts in his food choices and began incorporating exercise into his life more.  The feelings he had from this change fueled his continued desire to keep on going.  So, slowly over the course of the years, he began to see his body change and evolve. 

I have followed Jim on social media and watched him post his fitness and daily food.  No doubt he was doing it for his own accountability but all the while, providing some inspiration and motivation to those who may lurk in the shadows.  We chatted some and I told him I do photography and suggested he think about getting some photos taken.  He decided about a month ago to go ahead and hire me.  He said it would continue to keep him accountable with his diet.  

What a FUN shoot this was.  Jim said he never even really did senior photos, like we do today.  And kept commenting how much fun it was to be under the spotlight a little and feel accomplished through the lens.  I told Jim that his transformation was something to be incredibly proud of at his age, 46!  And a true inspiration to many who can look to him to see the transformative body changes and mental strength he has had. And now his 12 year old son is working on his health too after seeing his dad transform.  Amazing role model Jim is!

Thank you Jim for hiring me to capture you and your personality and have fun with it too!  Because, these photo shoots are not just about the photos themselves - but rather the experience, the personality, the confidence, personal empowerment AND fun we have while taking the photos.  It's such a great experience to engage in!