Dexafit DXA - Fat and Bone Density Test

I had the privilege of getting my body fat accurately tested and my bone density scanned in a Body Composition Analysis recently at Dexafit in Bloomington.  What a neat experience and state of the art report!   I loved getting the results and found much area I could improve on.  Anyhow, thought I would share my results.  I do plan to go back in 3 or 4 months and make some more stringent goals in body fat % I would like to work towards.  So, here are my results from my test I had done...

The Test I had done was the Dexascan - really accurate and really cool.  And really EYE opening.  Actually, my weight was right in line about with the scan - so my new scale is a lot more accurate.  And I think I thought my body fat was about this or little higher.  So, while I am pretty lean, I do have my own goals of losing 10 lbs, like usual - ha ha ha!  Just can't seem to get those 10 to stay off.  And then lower body fat - like I'd like to be around 12 to 15%.  That would be some major discipline and I hope to really engage my mind in that mentality one of these days and this summer. I was so pleased to learn that my bone density/health was really good - meaning low chance of osteoporosis or bone breakage.  That is the benefit of weight training and consistent fitness.  I love this test and I am including this as part of a 90 day Coaching Program I do with my clients.  So, once you sign up with me and go through a 90 Day Coaching Protocol, we will schedule you for a Day 1 Body Scan and then Day 90 Body Scan.  It's one of the most accurate ways to assess body fat.  And what is really cool about this place are all the other biomarker tests they do - food sensitivity, cardio fitness, metabolic health, and more.  Really exciting to have this in our town!  And I will be coaching you along to a journey in better health and physique as well.  Who doesn't want to feel and look better?  And live a better life?  It's so great to have some accurate measurement tools available to us.

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