2nd Quarter Goals ~ 1st Quarter Wins

It is that time of year to reflect on the first 3 months, the First Quarter as we call it, and then make new goals for the Second Quarter.  I never used to do this really.  Sometimes I would do an annual review and try to look back at months for the family and do a Christmas Newsletter.  But life got busy and I stopped doing that and Christmas Cards altogether.  So, when I decided to give the Best Self Journal a try for 2017 and stick with it for 90 days, I was surprised to see how much it really helped me in everyday life, guided me, had me reflecting daily on my habits and overall goals and what I am doing in life.  And reminded my the impact and importance of DAILY GRATITUDE. 

Today is when I am starting my New Quarter and with that, I am doing a 7 Day Detox, which I've done before and loved.  It really is a good idea to take a week break from everyday eating and gently detox the body and reset it. Actually really good to do 4 times a year - with the change of seasons. So, this is my 2nd time on this protocol.  You lose little weight, you drink shakes for 2 days then go to eating lightly the remaining 5.  For me, this is really actually pretty easy and rewarding.  I've learned soooooo much in the past 3 months and my opinions and thoughts on dietary theories and food in general have changed drastically.  I am currently learning all I can about fasting and detoxification at the cellular level.  I've experimented with so many things, supplements, vitamins, spices, elixirs, recipes.  Some were great, some I questioned if it was a "fad", some I learned more about the power of marketing and branding and how easily influenced we are as a society to buy into these ideas.  This journey of health and wellness is really personal and will always be for each and every one of us.  I think you just have to keep on educating yourself daily the best way you can, try things out, stay current with as real news as you can, and form your own beliefs based on what works for you.  As I've learned from Dr. Stephen Cabral and other naturopathic doctors, we all have our very own bio-individuality.  No one protocol is going to work for everyone.  So it's refreshing and fun actually, when you think you can take your very own health into your own hands and do something about it. 

My 2nd Quarter Protocol Includes the Following if you are curious:

  • 7 Day Cabral Detox - if you are into podcasts, start listening to him daily.  He shares some pretty awesome information and tips for living a balanced and healthy life.
  • Pura Vida Bracelets - I remember I did a 21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse once with Beach-Body and there was a bracelet we wore to remind ourselves of the cleanse and what we were doing.  I liked that simple extra piece added.  So, I came across this site and I fell in love with these bracelets - so simple and for a really good cause too.
  • Best Self Journal - For me, this is just a must tool in life.  It really helps me by thinking about a big goal, then thinking about daily action steps to work towards that goal.  Time blocking.  Morning and evening gratitude. Daily reflection on what went well and lessons learned.  My mind has shifted so much in honestly thinking positively, even if a day doesn't go right - I am learning to recognize the lessons learned from that day. 
  • 14 DAY CLEANSE - After my 7 Day Detox, I plan to ease into the 14 Day Cleanse, which is a program I have gotten from one of my Health Coaching programs and will be working my clients to implement and practice.  And it is basically an extension off the detox with some added ideas on overall health, detoxing, etc.
  • 2nd Quarter Goals - It is really nice to print something off and write what goals you want to work on for each quarter.  I started off doing annual, but then as I worked through this journal, I realized I love the Quarter Goals Idea and reflecting on wins.  

1st Quarter Wins

It is SO important to celebrate wins, no matter how small they are!  So important to love yourself enough to recognize you are enough.  It's been hard for me for so long and I really feel I am coming to learn to do that more and more.  I am really proud of my wins and I am just that much more inspired to keep on working on being the person I really want to be.

  • ACE Fitness Certification - I finally finished my studies and tested and got my certification!  So happy and proud of myself!
  • My daughter openly forgave me for my past mistakes.  I will never forget the car ride home from her church meeting that one Sunday night.  We were talking in general about life and relationships and she just found the voice in her to actually tell me she had forgiven me and had actually on my 1 year of sobriety last year, But never told me before.  This win this quarter is one of the BEST wins ever in my life. It didn't take counseling and therapists for us/me/her to get over this hump.  It simply took life and time.  Time heals all things.  My actions and being trustworthy.  That takes time to show you mean what you say and do what you mean. And I sincerely love each and every single one of my kids so incredibly much!  I thank them for being there for me, forgiving me, accepting me for who I am.  
  • I reached 20 Months of Sobriety.  No alcohol or any pharmaceutical drugs or OTC Drugs.  Totally natural.  I still say sobriety because it is the label I accepted for myself when I started my recovery journey.  But I'll most likely drop that once I reach 2 years, because I no longer believe that is any part of me.  Not even a thought, question, belief.  It was a label I fell into for couple years as I grew and I learned what I am doing here and tried to maneuver my way out of that web.  Now, it's just life. It's my journey to my higher self.  It was god's way of teaching me some lessons I so badly needed to learn.  The challenges were meant to be there always.  I just didn't know what to do with them. I am so grateful though.  So heartfelt and authentically grateful for my new outlook on life. 
  • Completed 2 Months Studies in the Health Coach Institute Program and have about 5 or 6 to go.
  • Completed 2 Months Studies in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Health Coach Program and have 10 months to go.
  • Completed a 90 day Journal!  So proud of myself for doing that!


LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE and how we live, act, breathe, practice faith - it's all part of this amazing journey.  One of the biggest things I learned this past quarter, is to NOT JUDGE.  So many of us judge and make comments and assumptions, when we really don't have enough information to understand what we are making that assumption on.  I was introduced to Fasting and Detoxification at a deeper level than I ever realized.  I am making it a goal this quarter, to learn as much as I can and understand the process, benefits, reasons, etc.  It's simply fascinating to me.   I have seen some folks heal themselves from some pretty serious ailments and to open your mind to this alternative way of thinking and treating your body, that's pretty amazing.