CPR - How to Save a Life.....


Got my official CPR Certification done finally.  This is really such a good thing for anyone to do generally.  Like, you hope you never have to utilize this technique, but it is so good to know what to do and how to do it.  The body is truly an amazing thing and I find all this fascinating to learn about nutrition, the body, substance and minerals we use topically, environment, etc.  It's sooooo cool to just learn daily.  

It was recommended to purchase my own little portable kit online, Amazon actually, so I found this one and now will try to remember to carry it with me because you never know when you might need to help someone.  I also did a little Pinterest search because I love the little Infographics I find on there at times.  So, just adding those in here to share for some additional tips.

If you want to get certified, you can search for something local with the hospital, which I did and I was signed up. But then the class was cancelled due to low enrollment, so I ended up doing an online course and then do a live check and test at the hospital.  In my opinion, you absolutely need to follow up with the live check to have someone actually go through and show you physically how to do it.  

I ended up taking my live skills check class through OSF St. Joseph Medical Center after completing an online course.  But I know that you can take classes through American Red Cross too and they tend to be little more expensive. 

Adding some Pinterest little infographics because I think visual is great to complement many things we learn and do.  I think it's great this company created this and provided online for awareness.  Super cool!  Save a life!