Paleo Apple Cake - Post Valentine's Day Post!

Paleo Apple Cake

This is really a good Paleo Treat to make.  So moist and it turned out so pretty too I thought!  I wanted to share this Paleo Apple Cake recipe if you are looking for a treat to make for a special occasion.  Well, it's good for breakfast too with Bullet-Proof Coffee!  I do not try to eat this stuff all the time, but I do love breads and muffins in the morning at times with hot Bullet-Proof Coffee and Upgraded Collagen Protein - DELICIOUS PLUS I am getting all the benefits of healthy fats in my diet and brain as well as Collagen for my joints, skin, bones, etc.  Perfect combination!  Especially lazy Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Sign up for my future Health & Wellness Tips Weekly Newsletter I'll be sending out, and you will be directed to a FREE downloadable link for this recipe.  Enjoy!

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Apple Cake