Storage of Photos - Which Cloud Based System to Use

As a photographer, I have a pretty good system in place of backing up my images for personal and client use.  I also have realized recently, that many of my clients and friends, do NOT back up their photos on a regular basis and are not even aware of the current methods for doing that.  So, I am going to write a very brief blog piece about this, and I have not really blogged in a long time, but it might be good to start offering some tips and advice at times.  I want to preface that I am doing this quickly, so it may not be the best writing either.  Bear with me.

I just want to share some links and articles that might help you all when trying to understand how to back up your photos.

Since most folks these days, take photos with their phones, it would be a good idea to learn how to back up your images.  


Here is a great article talking about some popular cloud formats: