Mercy Me + Jeremy Camp....A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.....

What an AMAZING concert to attend last night.  Amazing in so many awesome ways.  I've never been one to follow or listen to Christian Rock music that much, and I know I had heard of Mercy Me and Jeremy Camp, but I honestly never really took the time to look them up or find their music.  I truly listen to the same old stuff on the same old stations on the same old radio in the car day in and day out - unless I plug in my iPhone and tune into a podcast - but that doesn't always go over well with the kiddos in the car. 

Anyhow, a few pics, more thoughts and links to their websites if you are curious about them.

Mercy me - 2nd in the pics

Jeremy Camp - He is the first in my pics

At any rate, I am so grateful and so lucky that I connected with my friend Jay Herrmann, who is an avid supporter and staff member of the Welcome Home Haiti foundation mission here in Bloomington/Normal.  I had the most wonderful conversation with him last week about life, and work, and meaning, and mistakes in life, and how GOD has come into his life and mine too and how his direct involvement with this mission, has had a huge impact on his life.  He had a couple tickets to give away and offered them to me to this concert, so I accepted and really didn't think much of it till Saturday.  Asked every single family member in my family if they wanted to go or if they and a friend wanted to go, or if one wanted to join me.  Not ONE would take me up on that offer.  So, then I struggled in my mind if I wanted to go or stay home and edit pics and do the everyday thing I usually do.  

But I said to myself, no - I am going to take a shower, dress up and go to this concert.  I decided to text my friend Amy at the last minute and ask her if she wanted to join me as I had another ticket.  And I was shocked that last minute, she totally DID!  So, we went and had an absolute blast!!!

I cannot even begin to say how much Amy has been an integral part in my life, especially this past year.  Our girls play soccer together and have for a few years.  And I've always admired her and her fitness and training and coaching she does - Amy's Army So, at a game one day I approached her and we hit it off and started talking and realized how much we had in common.  Anyhow, she became that friend I guess God was directing me to at that time in my life as I was newly into my Recovery journey.  And I confided in her and told her and how I had struggled with that in the years on and off, along with life and marriage and kids and just living life on a daily basis. She happened to be going to Vale Community Church, and I had gone to church on and off for so many years and decided I wanted to work on my faith journey again as well. We started to go sometimes together and have coffee and sit at games together to catch up.  She became that FRIEND, that I so needed at that exact moment in life.  That friend that I could confide in about anything, not be judgemental, call if I was having a mental challenge, or just call to have coffee and share life with each other.  I have found that over the years, my friendships have changed so much!  I have moved from Colorado to Washington State then to Hawaii State and then back to Washington and then to Illinois.  And now that I have been in Illinois for like almost 10 years, my friendships in this time have changed as the kids have grown.  And I HAVE CHANGED even more importantly.  God most definitely put this lady into my life because he knew that she was the one I needed as I began my journey....

Mercy Me played so many amazing songs last night but I remember a friend sharing this on my page once, and I liked it, but didn't know much about the band.  This band has been around 22 years!  It's a really, really good Christian Rock Band!  Our world needs more positive and uplifting music and make it rock and christian at the same time.  I kept telling my son how he missed out on this concert so much!  It was amazing!