Exercise Addiction Fueled Alcohol Addiction ~ Interesting Article by MBG

Mind Body Green is one of the daily emails I love to get out of the zillion I have accidently signed up for.  I love the little tidbits on health and yoga and just a better way of living.  But what I have noticed recently, and being in recovery myself, is how many articles they write about why it's better to not drink, benefits of quitting drinking, blogs about how one's life is better without alcohol, and actual studies that show that alcohol is really not that great for you, even though the liquor companies can finance and back up articles to say it is good for your heart.  It's really not that good for you, and especially for those prone to addiction or drinking more than the benefited allotment. 

 I can so relate to this article, being the workout person I have been all my life and exercising all the time

Living alcohol free is so much better now though. Just feels so much better....

Interesting Article:

Exercise Addiction Fueled Alcohol Addiction