Excelsior - Onward & Upward

I was in a movie watching mode last night, which is very rare.  I'm always on the go, working on my website, or business, or marketing, or orders, or networking or kids.  


Last night I wanted to watch a movie.  Actually I had photographed a client and we had a great conversation, which is what I do love about what I do so much.  The connections and learning about each other.  I always, always, always get something from my clients and I always, always, always learn something from them.  Coincidentally, my client is a therapist and she had seen my post on my Recovery, which I know is a HUGE part of my open life now, I mean I've been working on it quietly and secretly for a year, then decided to be all open about it, and just chatting about life and relationships and all that.  And she recommended the movie, When A Man Loves A Woman. I viewed the trailer and remember I had watched it years ago but wanted to see again.  Searched for it on Netflix - not there!  Bummer!  Wondered how else I could get it on my Apple TV?  I could have watched on a YouTube version on my computer, but I wanted to lie in bed and watch on the bigger screen.  Anyhow, I drove to Family Video to try and rent it - but they don't even carry it anymore - they sold it!  So, then I drove back home and searched for other Netflix movies.

Stumbled on Silver linings playbook

And decided to chill and watch that again.  I absolutely LOVE that movie.  Just feel like I can relate so much.  But the word EXCELSIOR just was such a neat word and I loved that play on it throughout the movie.  What a powerful word.  So, I wanted to look up things all about Excelsior. There really are so many awesome quotes from this movie.....

Point is, Excelsior reminds us that there is a silver lining and onward and upward always in life.  Just gotta look for it and think about the challenges and what they teach us......