7 Day Detox - Dr. Cabral 7-Day Detox

So, I decided after listening to Dr. Stephan Cabral's podcasts, that I wanted to try his 7 day detox.  I mean, I think and know from all this reading and listening and trying things in the past, that a detox is a great thing to do and I've been thinking how I'd like to make it a ritual to do at least once a year, maybe 2 times a year.  He advocates 4 times a year, but that's not realistic in my opinion.  Who knows though - will see how I feel by day 7?  

So, I am starting Day 2 of this, which is liquid only day - like 4 shakes a day.  Then you start introducing food back in days 3-7 and shakes.  No coffee, or at least try to not have coffee.  Yesterday was a few trips to the bathroom and I did wake up this morning with a slight headache.  But ok now.  I had hunger pains a couple times, but that subsides a little as you go on.  And tomorrow I get to add food back in so not bad at all!  I honestly think that 7 days is not too hard and too long to think about doing something. 

About 3 or 4 years ago, I did the 21-day Ultimate Reset cleanse with Beach-Body when I was part of all that, and I really did love that and what it taught me.  I do miss that feeling so much because by the end, I was sleeping sooooooo good, fruit tasted soooo sweet and I loved all the vegetables I was eating.  I have actually gradually been trying to eat more and more vegetables and basically live a gluten free diet right now.  But, I have gained like 5-7 lbs over the past year, like I eat clean, but need to watch portion control - lol!  And metabolism I'm sure is changing with age, and I would just like to feel a tad slimmer and toxin free and sleep good.  Just overall feeling is what I am going for and shed a few pounds.  So, I did lose like 2 lbs from yesterday, but I know that is water weight and no eating basically for a day.  Today is another shake/liquid day then you get to have foods again tomorrow.  And $99 for a week and not buying my coffee and this replacing much of my meals, getting in a good mindset to detox, is not bad at all I think. Plus, when you invest in something, you are much more likely to stick with it.  

Last night I was feeling sooo tired.  And I remember getting that feeling when I did a cleanse before too, but I really think it's part of taking toxins out of your body and letting it relax and sleep when it wants to.  Like a sign you need sleep so much.  Plus taking caffeine out for a little while.  I do miss my morning coffee and the smell and taste, but I want to give my body a rest for 7 days.  I am realizing more and more as I get older, the importance of recovery, rest, and detox in all kinds of ways - not just alcohol - lol!  But you know - it's the same idea really. And I'm so grateful that I don't have to worry about that toxin removal anymore because that is just completely gone. 

The reason I decided to try his Detox out is because I absolutely love listening to his podcasts, he seems so authentic and real and not totally trying to sell his product, although he promotes it and why not?  That's what all these things are about.  But he just honestly shares so much amazing content in his podcasts and I LOVE listening to them daily and learning and improving my health and they are only like 10 or 15 minutes long!  He's a naturopathic doctor and I love his philosophy.  I also follow his Instagram account.  And I like that it's his business and not a whole MLM thing.  And he has so much amazing content in little short blurbs!  

Dr. Cabral Detox