Welcome Home Haiti + Coffee with a good Friend + Mercy Me Concert July 23 @ Corn Crib

Welcome Home Haiti

Today I had a really amazing conversation, and of course coffee, with a good friend of mine, Jay Herrman, who is in charge of the US Operations of Welcome Home Haiti.  I knew of his daughter's involvement with this mission trip project in the past but never really totally knew much about it, other than seeing intermittent Facebook posts, chatting at soccer, etc.  We get so darn busy in our everyday lives just existing and running around doing "things" to shuffle the kids to sports, work to pay the bills for our lifestyle and so forth.  

So after my very open post the other day, we connected again and decided to have coffee and chat, as I eluded to my own journey and walk in faith.  To sit and talk in person and see and hear the passion and excitement from somebody involved so directly, was truly special.  I thought before meeting him, that I wanted to learn more and get involved, but really decided after talking, how much I truly wanted to get engaged. And after hearing of Maddie and Zach go on their own Mission Trip with St. John's and how that changed them.  Made me realize how in my own journey, I want to change and do more meaningful things in life......

The Mission of this non profit organization, 

"Restoring hope to Haitian families, one home at a time.   The highest level goals of Welcome Home Haiti are to glorify God and empower healthy families through building homes, providing employment, and raising up Godly men.  We enable life change for our North American supporters through partnership and short term trip, which  provide a personal glimpse into the heart of God."

Anyhow, they do have a fundraising concert going on at the Corn Crib this weekend for their efforts and are still selling tickets if anyone wants to go!  Looks like it will be a really neat concert to attend!  And they will have a display on the main concourse where you can learn more about Welcome Home Haiti.

Buy Tickets Here!

And to "Like their FACEBOOK Page", follow this link to stay up to date with current events and information.  Such a great way to make a change in the world.  Be a positive influence.  To have something meaningful in life that is GOOD and promotes GOOD things.  We can all be part of sharing positive stuff and STOP sharing negative stuff.