Body Types Defined and how much sleep they need:

  • Vata - 8-9 Sleep

  • Pitta - 7-8 Sleep

  • Kapha / Endomorph - 6-7 hours sleep; more prone to type 2 diabetes. 6-10 time of day. Good time to be waking.

Body types defined…

It would be hard to imagine completely optimizing your health, body, happiness, and longevity without fully understanding your body type…

Without that knowledge, you simply wouldn’t know the diet, exercise, sleep, and other healthy lifestyle factors that best match your unique body…

And once you do know your Ayurvedic Dosha (body type) you will begin to transform your health, mind, and body in ways you could have only imagined since you’ll no longer be fighting the process – Instead you’ll be working in harmony with your own bio-individuality….

Dr. Cabral’s Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz

Use Dr. Cabral’s Head to Toe Ayurvedic Dosha Assessment below to begin to understand your unique body type!

Directions: Choose the V, P, or K that most defines what your body type resembled after puberty (or for females, after having children if applicable) - Click below to download the assessment and print and fill out, then you can email that back to Dawn at: