Alternative Health Care Financing Options

We do not currently work with any conventional insurance company. We are a cash based system and work on payment plans. The below organizations are ones that are working to become more of a coop option and we like to educate others on their existence.


We are building a community.

And we want YOU to be a part of the movement.

It’s a fact, most people can’t stand working with their insurance company. However, as medical expenses continue to soar, it is more and more difficult to live without an insurance provider. Today KNEW Health is bringing new light to a previously bleak stage. By bringing individuals together to help support each other through coordinated medical expense sharing, as well as targeted support tools, we hope to change the current “sick care” into a true “health care” system.

Samaritan ministries

Health care sharing with Samaritan Ministries connects the Body of Christ throughout the nation to help each other with their health care costs. Using a direct health care sharing model, our members have experienced a Biblical and affordable option for their health care needs since 1994.