Thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to meet you!  My name is Dawn Bergeron and I have been a photographer for over 17 years and just recently became a Health Coach.  I was born in Denver, Colorado and have since lived in Washington State, Hawaii, Washington again and now Illinois. 

I have 3 amazing children that all play soccer.  My twins are Juniors in high school (did I just type that? WOW!   Where has the time gone?) now and my youngest is 12 and in junior high.  I have worked with kids of all ages and families and have a good grasp on personalities.  I believe I have an energy that engages many.   I have over 17 years  experience and skill in this profession and like many other professions, there is always so much to learn.  I truly love what I do!

I love Yoga, Green Smoothies, ACV + Lemon Waters, Vegetarian and RAW dietary styles, Working Out, My Kids and Family, Soccer + of course photography.  

Please take a tour of my site and call when you are ready to ask more questions or book your Health Coaching Session or Photography Session.

I feel strongly about getting to the root of clients issues.  Working on a holistic approach to health and wellness, void of pharmacy drugs, less conventional medicine intervention and teaching dietary and holistic lifestyles.  I absolutely love sharing and teaching and helping others live peaceful and balanced lives.  Much of that is accomplished by way of detoxification and cleansing along the way - both body and mental.  I love to share a variety of dietary theories and learning to live life as natural and wholesome as possible.